Commercial Litigation And Business Disputes

Commercial Litigation & Business Disputes

Almost every business and this includes successful and well run businesses, will at some point face litigation and disputes. Any business or commercial litigation case, whether involving breach of contract, employment law or any other type of litigation, will by default create problems for you and/or your business and this can prove to be extremely costly.

A smart and experienced business and commercial litigation solicitor knows how to balance a client’s position while at the same time aiming for an early settlement of a dispute. The longer any business dispute continues the more money it will cost you and/or your business.

The key to resolve the matter in your favour is to devise a strategy, assessing tactics from the start, and providing clear cut advice on legal and evidential issues and ongoing assessment of strengths and weaknesses. It is also imperative to assess the case at an early stage and advice you if legal action is required, and if the issue in dispute and costs are likely to be recoverable from the opponent(s). It is one thing to have a strong claim in legal terms, but another thing entirely to enforce any settlement or court order.

Our specialist business and commercial litigation team in Hertfordshire will assist businesses of all types and sizes with a very wide range of problems and disputes including but not limited to breach of contract , debt recovery, construction law, property law, landlord & tenant, and internal issues, such as shareholder and partnership disputes or employment law issues. As a quick checklist, we can assist with:

• Contract disputes
• Data protection problems
• Mediation
• Employment law claims
• Insurance disputes
• Intellectual property
• Shareholder disputes
• Building disputes/property litigation
• Corporate/partnership disputes
• Debt recovery
• Disputes with customers
• Landlord and tenant disputes
• Professional negligence
• Warranty claims
• Health and safety prosecutions

A common issue relating to any kind of commercial litigation or business dispute is funding. It may be that a business will have some kind of insurance available but if not, a growing area, worth considering is litigation funding.

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